Lists of approved authorities, firms, installations and equipment in the field of technical requirements for inland navigation vessels.


The European Standard laying down Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation vessels (ES-TRIN) contains provisions on the approval of installations and equipment, as well as installation firms and technical services. Such approvals are the responsibility of the national authorities under the ES-TRIN and associated regulatory framework (i.e. Rhine Vessel Inspection Regulations (RVIR) or Directive (EU) 2016/1629).

This website aims to:

  • enable the members of the European Committee for drawing up Standards in the field of Inland Navigation (CESNI) to exchange information on the approvals awarded at national level, and
  • make it easier to inform the public about approved installations, equipment or firms. Furthermore, this website contains information for public consumption about the inspection bodies and competent authorities for technical requirements for inland navigation vessels.

Certain items of information on national regulations concerning the aforementioned approvals are available on the dedicated webpage.